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“Pajamas” – this single deals a ton with the processing of information and how that translates directly into our daily lives…the struggle to maintain our grip on our control, routines, and happiness – TRUTHR details his own personal battles along the way, creating a relatable moment in time on this single that gives you a ton of insight into what’s truly important to the man behind the m-i-c. You’ll hear the self-doubts & questioning that so many of you out there go through as artists, you’ll hear thoughtful comments & worries of being a father & the world we’re leaving behind for the future to come, you’ll hear stylistic lines that seem to simply sound great at first – but after a spin or two, you’ll realize how all these thoughts & feelings stack up powerfully together. TRUTHR’s essentially battling depression out loud in the open here, all in real-time, beating back the pain of observation & consciousness through the power of music & the catharsis it brings through the process. It’s the very answer to the question he poses at the very beginning of this single if you’re listening, which brings it all full-circle by the end. Why does he keep on the path of an artist? Because it’s important for the SOUL. You gotta get thoughts like these out into the world however you can if only to simply avoid your own self-implosion…the fact that TRUTHR is able to do that & express himself through music is a true gift in more ways than you or I could possibly understand.


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